Dynamic Web Development with Seaside

25.4Magma: an Object-Oriented Database

Magma is an open-source object-oriented database developed entirely in Smalltalk. Magma provides transparent access to a large-scale shared persistent object model. It supports multiple users concurrently via optimistic locking. It uses a simple transaction protocol, including nested transactions, supports collaborative program development via live class evolution, peer-to-peer model sharing and Monticello integration. Magma supports large, indexed collections with robust querying, runs with pretty good performance and provides performance tuning mechanisms. Magma is fault tolerant and includes a small suite of tools. Magma can either work locally or on a remote Magma server. This means, multiple images can access the same database concurrently.

Magma provides safe access and management to multiple, large, interconnected models over the network, by multiple users, simultaneously. In keeping with the simplicity of the other frameworks, it “just works” out of the box with comparably little API and learning curve. Developers will appreciate there is no need to inherit from a special superclass and no need to signal changed-notifications anywhere. There are a lot of options but the defaults will work fine without any consideration. Servers running when the image is closed and reopened are automatically restarted, connected clients are automatically reconnected. Recovery from hardware failures also occurs automatically, guaranteeing integrity.

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