Dynamic Web Development with Seaside

24.3.5Conflict Resolution

Sometimes there are several methods which Seaside-REST could choose for a request, here’s how it finds the "best" one:

  1. Exact path matches like /index.html take precedence over partial /index.{var} or {var}.html or wildcard ones {var}.
  2. Partial path matches like /index.{var} or {var}.html take precedence over wildcard ones {var}.
  3. Partial single element matches {var} take precedence over multi element matches *var*.
  4. Exact mime type matches like text/xml take precedence over partial */xml or xml/*, wildcard */* and missing ones.
  5. Partial mime type matches like */xml or xml/* take precedence over wildcard ones */* or missing ones.
  6. If the user agent supplies quality values for the Accept header, then that is taken into account as well.

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