Dynamic Web Development with Seaside

3.1Loading Seaside into VisualWorks

Seaside support is provided as a loadable parcel. There are actually several parcels, but most are prerequisites that are loaded automatically when you load the Seaside parcel.

Launch a VisualWorks image, such as visualnc.im. Then, open the Parcel Manager, System | Parcel Manager in the launcher. Select the Web Development category, then select the Seaside-All parcel, and click the load button, see Figure 19.

Loading Seaside

Once the parcel loads, a Seaside menu is added to the VisualWorks Launcher. Start a server and open a browser on the server using commands in this menu, see Figure 20.

By default, Seaside serves on localhost:7777 and the entry address is http://localhost:7777/seaside. This is the default entry point, but can be changed in the Seaside Settings.

Seaside dispatcher

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