Dynamic Web Development with Seaside

3.2Seaside Operations Menu

When the Seaside support parcel is loaded into VisualWorks, a Seaside menu is added to the VisualWorks Launcher. This provides menu access to several common control operations.

Start Server Starts the Seaside server; requests can now be serviced. By default the server is running on port 7777.
Stop Server Stops the Seaside server; no more transactions are accepted.
Open Browser on Server Opens a web browser on the first page of the running Seaside server.
Inspect Server Open a VisualWorks inspector on the server.
Log to Transcript Log all server events (requests received, responses sent, etc.) into the Transcript.
Debug Mode Server errors will open a debugger instead of being suppressed. This may prevent the server from being able to handle further requests, but allows you to investigate the errors on the server side.
Settings Opens the Seaside Settings dialog.

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