Dynamic Web Development with Seaside

3Cincom Smalltalk

by Bruce Boyer, Cincom Systems, VisualWorks Development

In this section we describe how to get started developing a Seaside application in VisualWorks. We assume that you already have a 7.7 version of VisualWorks installed. If not, go to the Cincom Smalltalk download site http://www.cincomsmalltalk.com/. We’ll be working with the noncommercial release, although the features that are preloaded into the noncommercial version aren’t needed for working with Seaside.

As an alternative, Seaside and VisualWorks are tightly integrated in WebVelocity, which is also available on the Cincom Smalltalk download page. WebVelocity provides a browser-based development environment and detailed documentation that help guide you in developing Seaside applications.

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