Dynamic Web Development with Seaside

4.3Keeping Up With the Latest Features

We regularly update the Seaside features of GemStone/S between major product releases. These are usually announced in Dale’s blog at http://gemstonesoup.wordpress.com/. It’s important to load Monticello packages in the sequence below to ensure the GLASS package in GemStone/S and the GemStone package in Squeak are in sync.

Step 1. Load the latest GLASS-dkh into GemStone from http://seaside.gemstone.com/ss/GLASS. This loads a large number of packages so it takes minutes to complete even on a fast connection. Be patient.

To load a Monticello package into GemStone/S, click the green "Monticello" button in the Transcript or Workspace window. Highlight the package name in the left pane (Figure 38), the URL starting with http://seaside.gemstone.com/ss/ in the right pane, and then click the "open" button. This will open a Monticello repository browser. Highlight the package name in the left pane (Figure 39) and the package version in the right pane. Check the comments on the package for any precautions on compatibility before loading — you could need to use an earlier package.

GemStone Monticello browser

GemStone Monticello repository

After updating, it’s a good idea to click the green "Test Runner" button in the Transcript window, and then click "Run Selected". If all the tests pass (Figure 41), commit your transaction. If some fail, it’s probably simpler to abort rather than debug the problem.

Then log completely out of GemStone, or the next step will not succeed.

Step 2. Load the latest GemStone-dkh into Squeak from http://seaside.gemstone.com/ss/GemStone.

Then you can log back in to GemStone.

Loading a Monticello package into Squeak is similar (Figure 40), but you start by opening a Squeak Monticello browser rather than a GemStone/S one. It’s important to remember Squeak and GemStone/S are two different systems. Even though they can run much of the same Smalltalk code, it’s important to load your code into the one you intended.

Squeak Monticello repository

Making sure tests pass

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