Dynamic Web Development with Seaside

2.3The Comanche Server

The “One Click Image” image includes a web server called “Comanche” listening on TCP port 8080. You should check that this server is properly running by pointing your web browser to http://localhost:8080/. You should see something like Figure 2. If you don’t see this page, it is possible that port 8080 is already in use by another application on your computer.

The Seaside server running

Changing the Seaside port number. If you did not see Figure 2, you will need to try modifying the workspace to restart the Comanche web server on a different port number (like 8081). The following script asks the server to stop serving and start serving on port 8081:

WAKom stop.
WAKom startOn: 8081.

To execute this, you would open a new workspace using World | Workspace, enter the text, select it, right-click for the context menu, and select Do it.

Once you have done this, you can try to view it in your browser making sure you use the new port number in your URL. Once you have found an available port, make sure you note what port the server is running on. Throughout this book we assume port 8080 so if you’re using a different port you will have to modify any URLs we give you accordingly.

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