Dynamic Web Development with Seaside

2.4.1Defining a Category

To start with, we define a new category that will contain the class that defines our component. If you don’t have a class browser open yet, open one using World | System Browser. Raise the context menu for the category pane on the top left and select Add category.... The menu can be found by right-clicking onto the list pane. You will get prompted to give a name as shown in Figure 3. We will use the name WebCounter for our category.

Create a category

Figure 4 shows that the category has been created. Now we are ready to define a component.

An empty category has been created

In Pharo images you will often find the terms “Package” and “Category‘” used interchangeably. “Category” is a technical term based on the internal implementation, while “Package” better describes the intent of this pane. From now on, we will be using the term “Package”.

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