Dynamic Web Development with Seaside

2.1Using the One Click Image

In this book, we use Seaside 3.0.4, included in the “One Click Image” which you can find on the Seaside website at www.seaside.st/download. The “One Click Image” is a bundle of everything you need to run Seaside, including the Pharo implementation of Smalltalk. We suggest that you use this bundle to start, even if you prefer a different Smalltalk implementation. While we expect that all of our example code will run in all of the Seaside ports, we have only tested our code thoroughly in the Smalltalk that is included with this bundle.

The Seaside development environment

Begin by downloading the “One Click Image” from the site. Unzip the file and you should be able to launch the Seaside Integrated Development Environment (IDE) by double clicking on the icon appropriate for your platform. Windows users should double click Seaside.lnk, Linux users Seaside.sh and MacOS/OS-X users should simply double click on the application icon created when they unzipped the file. After this you should see the Seaside development environment open in a single window on your desktop similar to the one presented in Figure 1.

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