Dynamic Web Development with Seaside

6.2.1Seaside Server Control Panel Menu Options

The Seaside Server Control Panel is the central control point for Seaside Servers. When the Seaside Server Control Panel is first opened it is empty, see Figure 44.

Initial Seaside Server Control Panel

The menu on the control panel provides options to manage server adaptors and to configure the control panel. The options are:


Add adaptor... Create a new server
Start All Start all the servers that are not currently running
Stop All Stop all the servers that are currently running
Start Start the selected server(s)
Stop Stop the selected server(s)
Remove Remove the selected server(s) — they must be in the stopped state
Inspect Open a VA Smalltalk inspector on the selected server
Use new dispatcher
Clear configuration caches
Clear sessions


Default port ... The default port used when adding a server adaptor
Control Panel refresh interval ... The frequency of refreshing the control panel information. It is specified in seconds; a value of 0 turns off refresh.
Reset to defaults Reset the default port to 8080 and the refresh interval to 5 seconds

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