Dynamic Web Development with Seaside

17Serving Files

Most web-based applications make heavy use of static resources. By “static” we mean resources whose contents are not sensitive to the context in which they are used. These resources are not dependent on the user or session state and while they may change from time to time they typically don’t change during the time span of a single user’s session. Static resources include for example images, style sheets and JavaScript files.

Using these resources in a Seaside application need be no different from using them in any other web application development framework: when deploying your application you can serve these resources using a web server and reference them in your Seaside application, as described in Chapter 23.

In addition, Seaside supports a more tightly integrated file serving technique, called FileLibrary, which has some advantages over using a separate web server. In this chapter we will cover how to reference external resources and how to use the integrated FileLibrary to serve them from your Smalltalk image. Note that using FileLibrary to serve static resources is often slower than using a dedicated web server. In Chapter 23 we explain how to serve static files in a more efficient way using Apache.

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