Dynamic Web Development with Seaside

1.2Seaside Applications

With Seaside, you will be able to build any kind of web application. You can see some Seaside applications running on the web. You can find more information at seaside.st/about/users. Seaside is used in many intranet web applications, that are often not readily visible without going behind the scenes.

We have selected two Seaside examples from the publicly available projects. Have a look at them to see the kind of interaction and application flow that can be built with Seaside.

Yesplan (www.yesplan.be)
Yesplan is a collaborative event planning web application. A video on the website shows a nice summary of the application. The user interaction and smooth application flow is really striking and a good illustration of the power of Seaside to build complex applications.
Cmsbox (www.cmsbox.ch)
An AJAX-based content management system designed for usability. Here the navigation is more the kind we expect from a web application.

There are also several open-source projects based on Seaside; we list two interesting ones, since you may use them when going through the book.

Pier (www.piercms.com)
Pier is a kind of meta content management system into which a Seaside application can be plugged. Pier is the second generation of an industrial strength content application management system. It is based on Magritte, a powerful meta-description framework. Pier enables easy composition and configuration of interactive web sites with new and ready-made Seaside application or components through a convenient web interface without having to write code. The Seaside website is based on Pier, as is the online version of this book.
SqueakSource (www.squeaksource.com)
SqueakSource is a web-based source management system for Squeak using the Monticello code versioning system and it is more traditional in the kind of flow it presents.

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