Dynamic Web Development with Seaside

1.3.1One-Click Image

There are several implementations of Smalltalk. Some are commercial, such as Cincom Smalltalk, GemStone Smalltalk, VA Smalltalk, and Dolphin Smalltalk. Others are open source, such as Pharo, Squeak and GNU Smalltalk. Seaside is developed in Pharo, then ported to the other Smalltalks. The first chapter provides an equivalent of a “Getting Started” chapter to all major Smalltalk implementations.

In this book, we use the Seaside 3.0 “One Click Image” which you can find on the Seaside website at www.seaside.st. The “One Click Image” is a bundle of everything you need to run Seaside once you unzip it. This book is based on Pharo Smalltalk, a fork of Squeak that is used to build the One Click Image. We suggest you use this image to start. It makes things much simpler.

The Seaside mailing list is a good place to ask questions because the subscribers to the list answer questions quickly. Do not hesitate to join and participate in the community.

Okay then, you now have tools at your disposal to help you through any problems you might encounter.

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