Dynamic Web Development with Seaside

21.1Getting Ready

Make sure to have the packages Javascript-Core, JQuery-Core and JQuery-UI-Core loaded. For examples and functional tests also load the test packages Javascript-Tests-Core, JQuery-Tests-Core and JQuery-Tests-UI.

In order to use the libraries in your applications, you will need to load them in the Seaside web configuration application. You will notice that the core JQuery and JQueryUI libraries come in three forms which may be installed interchangeably. The Development versions have the full human-readable Javascript, and so are ideal for inspection and debugging during development; the Deployment versions are minified and gzipped to about 1/10th of the size of the development libraries, and so are much faster-loading for end users; and the Google versions link to copies of the libraries hosted by Google — as many sites reference these versions, your users may already have them cached, and so these can be the fastest loading versions.

JQDevelopmentLibrary JQuery Full
JQDeploymentLibrary JQuery Compressed
JQGoogleLibrary JQuery Google
JQUiDevelopmentLibrary JQuery UI Full
JQUiDeploymentLibrary JQuery UI Compressed
JQUiGoogleLibrary JQuery UI Google

For many of the most popular jQuery plugins there are ready-made Smalltalk wrappers in the Project JQueryWidgetBox on SqueakSource available.

jQuery Basics
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