Dynamic Web Development with Seaside

19.2Render the Channel Definition

Next we create the contents of the feed. To do so we need to access our model and pass the data to the RSS renderer. As a first step we render the required tags of the channel element.

^ ToDoList default
ToDoRssFeed>>renderContentOn: rss
self renderChannelOn: rss
ToDoRssFeed>>renderChannelOn: rss
rss title: self model title.
rss link: 'http://localhost:8080/todo'.
rss description: 'There are always things left to do.'

A full list of all available tags is available in the following table.

RSS Tag Selector Description
title title: The name of the channel (required).
link link: The URL to website corresponding to the channel (required).
description description: Phrase or sentence describing the channel (required).
language language: The language the channel is written in.
copyright copyright: Copyright notice for content in the channel.
managingEditor managingEditor: Email address for person responsible for editorial content.
webMaster webMaster: Email address for person responsible for technical issues.
pubDate pubDate: The publication date for the content in the channel.
lastBuildDate lastBuildDate: The last time the content of the channel changed.
category category: Specify one or more categories that the channel belongs to.
generator generator: A string indicating the program used to generate the channel.

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